Umuntu GmbH produces ecologically sustainable water filters for clean, natural water: free of microplastics and other pollutants, with a taste as fresh, natural and soft as a mountain spring.

As well as the water filters, we offer small volumes of bottled water prepared with our filter. The preparation and bottling is done entirely by Umuntu ourselves, using special bottles which include 30% recycled glass and can be re-used up to 100 times. We source this water from a groundwater spring in Thurgau. At present, distribution is geographically limited to East Switzerland.

Our water, with its clear added value, is intended for all those who want to be the change they want to see in the world: I am because we are.


+ Reduces microplastics and more than 500 other drinking water pollutants by 99%

+ Fresh, natural drinking water with a pleasant soft, wholesome flavour

+ Reduces the costs of drinks for a four-person family by up to 2,000 CHF per year

+ Simple, inexpensive installation

+ Economical, low-maintenance operation

+ No need to replace prefilters

+ Ecologically sustainable and 100% CO2 emission-free production

+ Saves up to 2,000 PET plastic bottles every year

+ Reduces each family’s carbon footprint by up to 0.6 tonnes per year

+ Supports social projects for the environment and water

“You are what you drink.”

– Dr. Henri Coanda


The core of our hyperfiltration system is the environmentally-friendly membrane. Specially developed by Umuntu GmbH, this is essentially a material with holes so small that only molecules the size of H2O or smaller can pass through.

Each person is unique. For this reason, we make it possible for each person to refine their own water individually, using our naturaliser.




That’s our motto for this campaign. It represents how much we value our customers. For every new customer, we will plant a fruit tree in a third world country – free of charge.

What do we hope to achieve by this? Firstly, we’ll create a new source of nutrition for people in need. Secondly, we’re fighting against desertification, while reducing CO2 emissions.

For this reason, we don’t just plant any old trees: we focus exclusively on orange, banana, mango and coconut trees. You will receive a digital certificate confirming your name and the tree.



We want to change the world – and that means starting with the small things: our website is operated using green energy, our delivery vehicles do not use any fossil fuels, and our bottles incorporate 30% recycled glass and can be re-used up to 100 times.