Umuntu PureNature

CHF 2,500.00

Pollutant-free and naturalized drinking water thanks to our unique system.



The Umuntu Nanofiltration System and Naturalizer is installed on your water household and provides permanently oxygen-rich, soft and filtered water.

The filter system was tested by an accredited laboratory for over 520 pollutants. CE certificate for food safety. 100% recyclable materials according to ISO standard and drinking water regulations as well as NSF standards. Climate-neutral development and production.

All water-bearing parts are made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4401 and 1.4521 according to DIN EN 10088, DIN EN 10312, DVGW Code of Practice GW 541, system approval for connectors and pipes according to DVGW Code of Practice W 534, for drinking water installations according to DIN 1988. The hoses are made of food-safe polyethylene and NSF as well as FDA certified.

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