As a young business, we want to be part of a paradigm change. Our goal is a sustainable revolution in how we act as consumers. Humans and the environment take first place for us, and our activities accordingly guarantee full protection for the benefit of humanity and the environment. Protecting our environment is becoming increasingly important for today’s world.

  • Protecting the environment

  • Animal welfare

  • Socio-ecological projects

  • Loving our neighbours

Just as humans are connected to each other at every level – the social, the political, etc. – so our acts affect our fellow humans. Umuntu sees exactly that and shows that we must behave morally, in the sense of common wellbeing: everything we do, whatever we do, has consequences for the people around us.

The power lies in the hand of the consumer.

“When the ‘We’ becomes more than the sum of the individual ‘I’s, then we can save the world.”

Fabio Hüther • Founder of Umuntu GmbH


“Clean water is a human right!”

Supplying people with clean water is a human right that Umuntu is dedicated to guaranteeing.


“We take responsibility for those who cannot do so themselves”

Umuntu takes on targeted sponsorships all over the world, in order to create hope and a healthy future for young people.


“Education is the foundation of all understanding and ideas”

If water is the element that connects all natural things, education represents this element for the human mind. This is why Umuntu supports targeted educational projects, particularly in the ecopreneurship field.


“Together for a better world”

Umuntu Movement doesn’t just unite our global projects, sponsorships and commitments; it is also a place where everyone should feel welcomed to make their contribution to a better world.


Many companies are destroying our planet with environmentally harmful technologies. Whether it’s the agricultural industry or clothing manufacture, toxic chemicals are everywhere and cause significant harm to nature, animals, and, most of all, to us humans. It is high time to support sustainable businesses and boycott the companies destroying our environment.