The goal of Umuntu Movement is divided in two and represents a cycle in the classical Umuntu way of thinking. First of all, we want to help as many needy people as possible. Whether with clean water, educational or environmental projects. Because Umuntu is as diverse as the world itself. And at the same time we would like to invite as many people as possible to be part of the movement, to give their lives even more meaning and to experience through a large community what is possible when people work together on a change.

I am, because we are.

Our approach to the projects is always “helping people to help themselves”. We want to enable people to shape their own lives. And our understanding of the Umuntu community, which implements the aid projects together with us, is full of humility: Everyone is invited to help. No matter whether the contribution is large or small and no matter whether it is about personal cooperation or financial donations to our charitable association, the Umuntu Movement. Each donor also decides for himself which project receives a donation. A transparent and efficient use of funds is extremely important to us. In addition, we would like to charge our activities positively. Because we believe that only then can our movement become a huge movement. Or, figuratively speaking: So that individual drops become a whole ocean that is supposed to change this world.


“When the ‘We’ becomes more than the sum of the individual ‘I’s, then we can save the world.”

Fabio Hüther • Founder of Umuntu GmbH


“Clean water is a human right!”

To provide people with clean water is a human right for which Umuntu is committed with all its strength. Therefore it is also our responsibility to provide people with clean water who do not have this privilege.


“Land creates life. The basis of our civilization.”

Without the primary sector being called agriculture, our lives would look completely different. Umuntu supports various agricultural projects to promote the independence of a region.


“Education is the basic prerequisite for any understanding and hunch”

As water is the all-connecting natural element, so it is education for the human mind. Umuntu therefore specifically supports educational projects, especially in the field of Ecopreneurship.


“Together for a better world”

Umuntu Movement not only unites our global projects, sponsorships and commitments, it is the place where everyone should feel invited to contribute to a better world.


Many companies are destroying our planet with environmentally harmful technologies. Whether in the agricultural industry or the manufacture of clothing, toxic chemicals are found everywhere, causing considerable damage to nature, animals and, above all, humans. It is time to promote sustainable businesses and boycott environmentally destructive businesses.