Our Umuntu PureWater uses the innovative nanofiltration process, which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other filter systems in the overall view.

Nanofiltration allows substances in the molecular range to be filtered out. Electron microscopically tiny passages of only 0.1 nanometers filter microplastics and over 520 other pollutants in drinking water by up to 99.9 %.

The specially developed Umuntu Eco membrane saves up to 50% energy and water compared to reverse osmosis or distillation filters and has a 3 times longer service life. In addition, the Umuntu Eco membrane is more hygienic, as the filter system rinses it regularly and thus prevents bacteria from accumulating and multiplying.

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The Umuntu filter system clearly stands out from other filter systems in the field of filter performance. We are proud of the excellent results we have achieved with Umuntu’s patent-pending Eco membrane.

Unlike conventional biochemical water filtration systems, nanofiltration is based on a purely physical filtration process. This process eliminates the need to constantly replace filters (such as activated carbon) and allows more pollutants to be filtered out. The Umuntu filter system therefore requires less maintenance, requires less consumables and has a much longer service life.

All the results you see here have been thoroughly researched and tested by various laboratories. Our certificates and test results can be found further down this page.

Why Umuntu

  • Completely autonomous and self-regulating filter system

  • Reduces microplastics and over 500 other pollutants in drinking water by 99.9 %

  • Fresh, naturalized drinking water, which tastes pleasantly soft and digestible

  • Reduces the beverage costs of a family of four by up to CHF 2000 per year

  • Easy and cost-effective installation

  • Life span of Umuntu Eco membrane is 5 years

  • Cost-saving and low-maintenance operation

  • Ecologically sustainable and produced 100% CO2 emission-free

  • Savings per family of four up to 2000 PET plastic bottles per year

  • Reduce the CO2 footprint of each family by up to 0.6 metric tons per year

  • Support for social environmental protection and water projects


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