Umuntu GmbH produces ecologically sustainable water filters for clean, naturalized water that is free of microplastics and other pollutants and tastes as fresh, natural and soft as if it was mountain spring water.

In addition to the water filters, we also offer the water treated with our filter in small quantities as bottled water.  The water is treated and bottled by Umuntu itself in special bottles made of 30% recycled glass which are reused up to 100 times.

Our water with a certain added value is meant for all those people who want to be the change they want in the world – I am because we are.


Our Products

“Our innovations are unique in their form and effectiveness.”

We offer several systems for effective water treatment. The cleanest, lime-free water without the use of chemicals and absolutely cost-efficient in use.

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Our promise of quality

“Clean water like premature Swiss mountain spring water!”

We create 99.9 % clean water by nanofiltration up to <1 nanometer through the specially developed and patented Umuntu Eco membrane. That’s what we guarantee!

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Why Umuntu

“Water ≠ Water! Clean water is not a matter of course today.”

In October 2018 microplasty was detected for the first time in human excreta and more pollutants are permanently in our water cycle.

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Private clients

Clean, pleasantly fresh water for the whole family without having to carry boxes. As a family of four, you benefit from savings of around 2,000 €/CHF per year in drinks costs. You also save 2,000 PET bottles and around 0.6 tons of CO2 emissions a year thanks to a Umuntu filter system. More facts and information can be found in our brochure for private customers.


Umuntu offers your employees and customers access to clean water. This promotes appreciation and health. Umuntu is a holistic impulse for the sustainability of your company with clear economic benefits.

The special: One investment, many advantages!

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This is our motto for this action. It represents our esteem for our customers. For each new customer we plant a fruit tree in a third world country free of charge.

What do we want to achieve? On the one hand, we create a fresh source of food for people in need. On the other hand, we fight desertification and reduce CO2 emissions. As confirmation, you will receive a digital certificate showing your name and tree.

This promotion varies in scope depending on the product purchased. More information can be found in the shop under the respective products.