In 2003, Fabio Hüther, founder and CEO of Umuntu GmbH, contracted bone cancer at the age of eight and the chance of survival was 50%. But the positive healing process once again sharpened Fabio’s view of the world and made his desire to do good for society and the environment grow. At the age of fourteen Fabio founded his first NGO called “Bee The Change”, in order to live his cause and to influence as many people as possible in a positive way.
A second drastic moment for Fabio was the loss of his African godchild by cholera – caused by contaminated drinking water. That’s when Bee The Change became Umuntu. Under the motto
“I am, because we are”, which puts the WE in the foreground instead of the individual I, as well as the clear vision of making clean water available to every human being in the world.

Fabio began to set up his first aid projects primarily in Africa, because he was able to draw on a large local network there. The aim was to support those in need in the purification of drinking water. Quickly there were other aid projects that helped people to help themselves with the topics “clean water”, education or environment. At the same time, with the help of geologists and later on the basis of his own engineering studies, Fabio began to research a completely new filter technology: The Umuntu membrane for the filtration of foreign substances and pollutants from water, which is the heart of the Umuntu vision “Clean water is a human right”.



Fabio Hüther
Fabio HütherCEO and Founder
Sebastian Scheiber
Sebastian ScheiberCTO

The best thing about Umuntu is its philosophy. I am because we are. The goal is to do something good for the individual and also for all mankind. I myself was deeply impressed by the iron will and perseverance of Mr. Hüther. He himself is convinced that you have to be the change you want in the world. Although this implementation is difficult, he embodies it conscientiously, full of lifeblood and successfully. In conclusion, Umuntu represents sustainability, efficiency and well-being in one.

Louis Felber

Sustainability is an important issue for all of us. Now my colleague Fabio Hüther, who has been calling for action against environmental destruction since our joint training, has translated his words into action. Strong action! The idea is great and I am convinced that Umuntu will bring us a lot more to come and that we will soon be able to enjoy visibly positive changes with regard to the environment.

Serhat Ceyhan

For some years now I have been dealing with the information, structuring and energizing of water. Whether for drinking, cleaning, washing, cooking and plant watering, this water works wonders. Since I drink the water from Umuntu GmbH I feel more vital and satisfied. The philosophy “I am because we are” is very inspiring and valuable for me. Most companies can cut themselves a slice of this.

Claudia Neuweiler

The water from Umuntu GmbH is exceptionally energizing. With every sip I and my customers feel the energy that is supplied to them. In addition one notices already after some days, how it detoxifies and purifies. It is ideal for fitness enthusiasts as it significantly increases performance and endurance.

Michael Pasetto

Umuntu GmbH is a really great company with a sustainable idea. We drink Umuntu to protect our and the generations after us. A small sip with a big effect. I support the company philosophy of Umuntu GmbH and stand behind the founders of this company.

Jaime Keller

Umuntu’s philosophy stands for the good in this world. This attitude to life corresponds exactly to mine. That is why I am absolutely convinced and enthusiastic about Umuntu. The effect of the water is immediately noticeable and the taste is incomparably good. The best thing is to convince yourself.

Alejandra Macias

Today I had a very special day with Fabio. Why was it a special day for me, because it shows me that a young person with full consciousness for the future of the people, as well as the environment can give something valuable back with his work and does it. Fabio now has its own company, Umuntu GmbH. The philosophy in a few short words is: “Global thinking and regional acting”, for this reason Fabio rejected a very tempting offer to found an AG, which impressed me very much. A CEO who is still studying prefers a life and thinking for the people in the world and leans against industrialization. Umuntu water tastes delicious and everyone can make a big contribution to the environment by consuming it. Umuntu stands at the beginning and seeks like-minded people who love a balance of joy in life through giving and taking.

Jolanthe Pedrotti

With the Umuntu GmbH Fabio Hüther dares to take a big and long required step. The water industry is revolutionized by his vision. With the help of his own projects he even creates added value for mankind and the environment. I am also pleased that I can make an active contribution sip by sip.

Johannes „Balou“ Mayer

“Umuntu GmbH represents a sustainable company. It is living proof that everyone in the world can contribute to change. Healthy water is hard to find these days. Thanks to Umuntu water, I have finally found an inexpensive alternative. Since then I have been drinking the given two litres of water every day – usual water feels inedible”.

Remo Hüther

I got to know Fabio for the first time in 2013. During the training I noticed that he always brought a glass bottle to the training. One day he told me about his past with cancer. What amazed me so much was not that he had defeated cancer. No, but his attitude towards how he dealt with his “illness”. The knowledge he had acquired about the health of a body, about the functions and necessities of a healthy body is enormous. I have never seen this in any other person. With his authentic nature he managed to make many people think in his environment in a very short time. It is not enough for him “only” to be able to help his loved ones. No, he wanted more! The philosophy of his company is not only slogans, it is “Fabio”. The most effective way to get other people to think is to go ahead as an example – a kind of spiritual “taking things by the hand”.

Fabio Maragno

Clean water is a cornerstone of a healthy diet, Umuntu has made me one less anxious.

Elias Ullmann

We drink so much water all day long that we have to put up with many harmful substances in our bodies. Therefore it is high time that companies like Umuntu GmbH enable us to drink valuable water again. Because everything is produced sustainably, regionally and fairly, you can enjoy it with a clear conscience.

Judith Rusch

I appreciate Fabio’s courage and entrepreneurial spirit! But above all, that with Umuntu he not only promotes the topic of water, but also deals with it very intensively.

Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli

I, in the name of “Fitness Junkie”, can only praise Umuntu! Fabio is a young man with a great vision and realization. We find it impressive how much the young company is committed to the future, which should be close to all our hearts! Because our environment and health is a very important part of life. Umuntu is especially committed to this, and respects it once again. Therefore, we wish the company all the best for the future and firmly believe in its vision.

Marc Engel


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